Kilotech is the largest independent importer and distributor of weighing and measurement equipment in Canada, supplying dealers with quality products for over 30 years

We develop, import and distribute a full assortment of scales to service all types of scale dealers, under the Kilotech brand name. Furthermore, we also carry other quality brands such as Tanita. We focus solely on weighing and measurement products, allowing us to concentrate on a more personal level in servicing our dealers' needs. Our front line team is ready and able to answer any questions you may have regarding weighing and measurement products. After all, they've combined over 50 man years of sales experience and 40 man years of technical support experience between them. We have an established network of distributors across Canada and the U.S.

Kilotech is a Measurement Canada accredited authorized service provider.

Member of R.S.P.A.

Retail and Food
Science and Education
Medical and Veterinary
Test Weights and Labels
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Important Information Before Buying A Scale

Scales are sensitive devices made for use in specific environments, under certain conditions, and for specific applications. Misuse of the scale may cause permanent damage to the scale, serious injury to the user, or be illegal in certain circumstances. The following is a partial, but not exhaustive, list of common misuses and dangers where user liability, damage and/or injury (including death) could occur.

  • To connect an electrical device to an unprotected, non suited or incorrectly wired electrical outlet.
  • To tamper with or modify the device.
  • To use a non-waterproof or unprotected scale in a very humid or corrosive environment or application.
  • To use a non-explosion proof scale in a potentially explosive or flammable environment or application.
  • To use a scale to weigh people when the scale has not specifically been designed for this use.
  • To use a laboratory balance on a production line or in a non-laboratory context.
  • To let untrained people or children use the devices.
  • To use a non-approved and/or non-certified device in a “LEGAL FOR TRADE” application. (Consult Measurement Canada for more information on this subject.)

Kilotech is not responsible to control use of the scale, or for where, how or for what purpose the end user will operate the device. Kilotech is not responsible for the words, actions or negligence, whether verbal or in print form, by its distributors, dealers or re-sellers, with respect to the use of its scales, unless specifically given, in writing, by Kilotech Inc.


Important Information Before Buying A Scale

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