Beta Testing

Kilotech is happy to announce that we have some new and exciting products and we would like your help in putting them to the test.

What Kilotech really needs is feedback, brutal, honest feedback that we can use to improve our products. You are the only people that can give this to us. With the vast range of products that we offer, we need testers for all kinds of applications from portion control to industrial use.

How does it work? We hear your feedback and in turn you get to keep the next generation scale as compensation for your active participation. On average, the feedback consists of 2 or 3 short phone calls and a pre-test survey. You do not have to be in the market for a new scale, you simply must be capable of providing honest and reliable feedback. The key is a quality beta tester!

If you are interested in participating in our Beta Tester Program, please complete a short survey by clicking on the link below. We will take care of the rest. We are relying on you to be a Beta Tester for us to produce more customer centric and quality products.

Yes, I want to be a beta tester!