Modular components

Choose between mild or stainless steel bases in several sizes. Match with a Kilotech indicator.

Durable, multi-functional & competitively priced

Accurate, efficient and profitable

HI/LO/Target, secondary counting & accumulation features.

Stainless steel models are easy to clean and water resistant

Removable stainless steel platter (1.2 mm gauge).

Top Gun Scales

Electronic Platform Scales (available LFT)


More Platform Scales



Back support

2 capacities - dual range

Top Gun Bases

Mild or stainless steel

Choice of platter size

Heavier duty alternative

KIN 1000

Affordable ABS indicator

Dry environments

Predefined capacity settings

KIN 500

kg / lb /lb:oz / % / pcs

Precision for small items

USB and RS232

KIN 2000 WR

IP67 water & dust resistant

Predefined capacity settings

kg / lb

KWD 1000

IP65 water & dust resistant

Swivel head

Calculation features

KWS 2200

Robust weighing/ HI/LO

USB and RS232

Large platter 12 x 13 7/8"




USB and RS232

KWS VS2000

Vet scale

USB and RS232