Add a labelling solution

Maximize your store branding without being a technical expert

Up your game even further and have your scale vendor build your brand

Got stuck?

Short but complete videos to guide you through the process

Ready, Set, Go!

Easy and fast installation – unpack, install, download, print

Speed up your daily workflow

Live reports for getting a pulse on your business

Fully integrates with your inventory management system

Peace of mind

We tested the printer to print over half a million labels in 2 months, which is more than your average operator uses in 5 years

2 year warranty


The label printing scale that optimizes the business of the independent grocer


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Integrator C

Entry Level Retail Scale

Easy to use software

USB and RS232

KPOS 1530

Integrated POS system

kg / lb / oz

11.75 x 14" platter


POS Interface scale

Front and rear indicators

11.75 x 8.75" platter