How do I become a Kilotech Distributor?

If you are interested in becoming a Kilotech Authorized Distributor, please contact us at
or 1-800-694-4445 Canada or 1-877-328-5988 USA.

Important Information Before Buying A Scale

Questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a scale.

  1. What are you weighing?
    • Fish or poultry?
    • Spices?
    • Chemicals?
    • Inventories?
    • Or is it for Quality Control?
    Remember - different applications have different requirements.
  2. Where and in what kind of environment will you work?
    • In a very humid or cold environment?
    • In a dusty environment?
    • In a corrosive environment?
    • Is that area subjected to vibrations?
    • Is there low level lighting?
    • Are there 110VAC outlets close by?
    • In a laboratory?
    • Or, will you keep the scale in your briefcase or trunk to do on-site weighing?
  3. What is the largest capacity you will weigh?
  4. What readability (graduation or increments) are you looking for?
  5. Do you need a “legal for trade” scale? (i.e. will you use the scale to establish the price of a transaction? If the answer is yes, then it must be legal for trade

A few tips to keep in mind…

Taking Care of your Scale

Scales are sensitive devices made for use in specific environments, under certain conditions, and for specific applications. Misuse of the scale may cause permanent damage to the scale, serious injury to the user, or, in certain circumstances, be illegal. The following is a partial, but not exhaustive, list of common misuses and dangers where user liability, damage and/or injury (including death) could occur.



Kilotech is not responsible and cannot control where, how or for what purpose the end user will operate the device. Unless specifically granted, in writing, Kilotech is not responsible for the words, actions or negligence, whether verbal or in print form, by its distributors, dealers or re-sellers, with respect to the use of its scales.